Review by 'Video Music Stars' Online music Magazine. 18/04/2016

Crank up the volume and let Bravado rattle the pearly white’s right out of your head. The seasoning has an occasional and familiar dash of a classic rock era gone by, but the main ingredients are contemporary and fresh. Furthermore, the song reveals tiny aural gold nuggets upon repeated listening. You get a little of everything here: a hard rocking tune, some beautiful acoustic guitar, killer vocals, spot-on harmony, and overall superior songwriting. Paula Knight’s guitar playing and singing indicates that she is confidently at the helm of her craft, while Pamela Stewart’s lead vocals are stunning. Alongside them the twin-cylindered rhythm section made up of Milo and B.Y, is an immaculate powerhouse.
Music styles change. Each decade seems to have its signature style of music. Some bands, like Bravado, keep up and make both good and timely music, while still bringing in important influences from a past heritage along with them.




Gig Review by John Mc Gillivray, Dundee


I saw the first half hour this bands last gig in Mc Daniels and wow they blew me away... literally I had to go home or I was gonna turn into a pumpkin... The vocals were sweet sounding and spot on. The drums were a perfect percussion and the lead guitar was sublime. The ebb and flow between picking and chords was a wonderous sight to see and an even better experience to hear. I whole heartedly recomened seeing this band. And next time I do I plan to stay for the whole show. Thanks for the invite xxx


Gig Review Andy Gee (DeadEarnestPromotions)


CUP OF TEA AND SCONES, ANYONE? Nicola Madill + The Beautiful Word + Bravado - Redd Suite, Dundee 04-08-14 A warm summer's evening in August proved to be the perfect setting for this concert organised by Dead Earnest Promotions. Taking place at Redd Suite in Dundee, which, as the name suggests, is predominantly red, half pub, half concert venue but oh so tastefully decorated.With tables at which to... sit, plus a small dancefloor area in front of the stage, the audience can appreciate music that's physical, as well as music that's emotional and tasteful – tonight, the lucky audience got the lot. The event began with a special solo set from Dundee's Nicola Madill.  Headlining were Dundee's Bravado, the new rock/aor band formed by Dundee's leading female electric guitarist, Paula Knight, with new vocalist Pamela Stewart, veteran drummer, BY, and new recruit on bass, Miles. The band immediately came out of the starting gates with enthusiasm, energy, bite and attack, letting the audience know that they were in for a slice of rock. But what separates this band from many is Paula's writing ability, as she is capabale of composing commercial and aor anthems, but giving them a decided rock flavour, as her guitar riffing colours the sound with fire, while the rhythm section fuel the furnace. Above all this, Pamela's vocals are strong, clear, powerful and fly like an eagle through track after track, Paula's occasional harmony vocals and the even more occasional lead, acting as a neat contrast to the pure force that Pamela has as a singer. The songs nearly all have choruses and hooks, from the addictive almost Kiss-like qualities of “Shout It Out”, through the cyclically memorable “Contagious” to the long-time favourite, crowd-pleasing, almost trademark Paula Knight anthem of “Lady Of Rage”, so that you're almost sure to be leaving the gig with at least a few of the numbers swirling aroud in your head long after they're gone. Paula on guitar let losse a whole plethora of electrifying solos and breaks, keeping them economical within the context of the song, but each one eye- and ear-catching as she attacked the fretboard with speed and dexterity. A clutch of new tracks revealed a serious progression of composition into more dramatic, aor-esque territories, at which the band sound well at ease and which serve a a great complement to the more instant compositions. Finishing the set, for the occasion, with a cover of an AC/DC track had an already equally enthusiastic audience, positively overflowing with as much energy as the band were unleaashing, and the fact that they, too, got an encore from a large section of the crowd who were there for the previous band, says it all about the strength, stature and seamless energy that this band possesses and provides from beginning to end. Overall, with everyone happy including the venue (I think we at least quadrupled their bar takings for an average Monday night!!), the sound guy Chris who did an amazing job, the audience, the couldn't have asked for more on a sunny summer's Monday night in Dundee
EP Review Diane Gaidry (American Actress)

Bravado is a powerful rock band that can also deliver a heart-felt ballad. The sound reminds me of Blondie. Pamela Stewart's voice has a strength and clarity that conveys the subtle meaning and emotion in each song. Bravo!