Interview with Diane Gaidry about her experience filming the music video 'Passenger'

By Andy Gee from Radio North Angus 



Q. What made you decide to fly over to Scotland and be a part of Bravado's music video?

 I know the lead singer, Pamela, and I have followed the band and their growing success since they got together. I like Bravado’s music and I think that the musicians are all extremely talented. I thought that this project would be fun to do and something I could be very proud of.


 Q. What do you think of Scotland?

 I love Scotland. My trip last Fall was my second trip to Dundee. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen much of the rest of the country. A very dear friend lives in Dundee and I stayed with her both times I was there.


 Q.Did you enjoy being a part of the music video? And is there a scene in the music video that you enjoyed the most?

 I did enjoy being a part of the music video. The band and the filmmakers were great to work with.

 I enjoyed all of the scenes. Maybe my favorite scene is the big emotional moment when my character realizes that her partner is cheating on her.


 Q. What do you think of Bravado's music? Is it something you would listen to?

 I like Bravado’s music a lot. Honestly, music isn’t a big part of my life. I enjoy listening to mellower music usually more than rock.


 Q. It's hard to work out if you were in a relationship with the man or the woman? What's your take on it?

 My character was in a relationship with the woman. I like the filmmakers’ subtlety, not spelling it out for the viewer.


Q. I like how it's all filmed in reverse, What do you think? Do you think that made the film more interesting?

 Absolutely. Relationships and the heartbreak of betrayal are universal but we’ve seen it a million times. This is a fresh way of telling that story.


 Q. What kind of feedback have you had about the video? Do your friends like it?

 I have gotten great feedback about the video and the band from everyone. I’m happy that some of the people who have followed my career are now fans of Bravado as well.


Q. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. Anything else you'd like to add about your experience making the video?

 As much as I enjoyed being is Scotland and being a part of the video, being in the UK at that time was very difficult for me. I was very torn about what to do leading up to the shoot. I had made a commitment to the band and they were counting on me being there and we couldn’t reschedule the shoot. But my dog was very sick and he passed right after I got home. My energy was very split and my heart was breaking being away from him but I honestly believe that he wanted me to go and do the video. I just want to announce the arrival of my new little guy. He’s about 12 weeks old and I think I’m calling him Zagi. That’s an abbreviation of the Ojibwe word for love.