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  1. As you know, we had a marvellous experience filming our music video with Diane Gaidry! You're now very welcome to join us for the finished result. It's happening at REDD, Session Street, Dundee on November 8th at 8pm prompt. The entry is free and you will have a fantastic night. So get yourselves along! We've worked very hard on this so let's have a full house please folks!

  2. Hi Rockers! Pamela here, lead singer of Bravado. We have completed the filming of our music video, and I wanted to share the past couple of days with you. So here it is!

    We had been thinking about making a music video for some time, and had no idea where to start. One evening we were performing at a local gig, and got chatting to a guy about music videos. Turns out he was in a band and had done a music video. He put us in touch with Alan and Darren from Imagine Productions, and then we had a look at their work on YouTube and really liked it. We then contacted the guys, and they were keen to work with us. 

    First of all we had to save some funds for the video and it  took us a few months to get the money together. Paula and I came up with a story line, and when we met the guys they helped us with a few ideas. And I must admit it all sounded great. We were so excited to get to work.

    I had been thinking about actors and who I would like to star in it, and I couldn't think of anyone better than my friend Diane Gaidry. I contacted her, but was unsure if she would come all this way to do it. So you can imagine how happy I was when she said yes! Alan and Darren advertised for two other actors, as we needed another female and male. They both responded to the advert pretty quickly.

    Time just flew past and before we knew it, the time had arrived to start filming. My sister karen and I went to the airport to pick up Diane and we started filmimg the next day. She arrived on her birthday, and when we got to Dundee we had homemade birthday cake and coffee with her friends Angela and Alan. 

    Today was the day, and I felt a little nervous about the whole process. I had breakfast and started to prepare myself mentally for the day ahead. Alan called me and said that the female actor had been in an accident. She had fallen and hurt her back, and had to go to A&E. We had to start filming that day, so guess who had to step in? Me! If I had been asked a few weeks ago I probably would have said no, but I had no time to think about it, so I said yes, ok I'll do it. 

    My sister Karen and I went to pick up Diane and her friend Alan, he had very kindly offered to take photos on the set (production stills) We headed to Paula and Avril's flat, and Claire and Nadia did our hair and  make up. We then headed down to Riverside Tesco to meet everyone and discuss the days schedule, and have a coffee. We needed photos for a scene in the music video, so Diane, Ryan our male actor and myself had to squeeze ourselves into the photo booth. It was a tight squeeze, but we did have a giggle. After that we headed back to the flat to do a bit of filming, I felt completely at ease with Diane and Ryan, and I ended up enjoying the whole process. It was also great to see Diane in action in real life,  I was so impressed with her talents, and so was Alan and Darren. Paula, Karen, Claire and Nadia hid in the other room knowing they would make me nervous, I did catch my sister giggle once or twice when the door opened.  Anyway, I don't want to say too much and give the story line away. You will all have to wait for that!

    We had a couple of hours before we had to go down to Redd to film the bands live shots, and more scenes with the actors. We all chilled out a bit and prepared ourselves for the evening. We filmed the bands live footage and had an absolute ball, and I must say we put our heart and soul into it. We had a very early start the next day, so we all headed home to get a good nights sleep. 

    Day 2 of filming started and we met at Karen's at 6am. Nadia did our makeup, and I was on hair as Claire couldn't make it. I am a qualified hairdresser, but I'm a little out of practice. Thankfully it all went ok. 

    Alan and Darren did more filming with Diane, and a little bit more with Paula and I. That was the filming finished, and everyone worked so well together. We did it! We had finished filming our first music video. 

    The following evening Paula, Diane, Karen, Alan, Angela and myself went out for a lovely meal. We had a really good evening with lots of giggles. Paula said her goodbyes to Diane and we had hugs all round. 

    Next morning Karen and I took Diane to the airport and wished her a safe journey home. It has been a great few days, and an experience none of us will forget. 

    Big thank you to Alan and Darren for helping us create our music video, to Diane for travelling all this way to star in our video. Ryan for being so easy to work with , Alan for taking pictures, and Claire and Nadia for hair and make up. we can't wait to see the finished result!


    Thanks for reading!

    Peace & Love