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  1. So... we are coming to the stage when we are about 75 % through our album. It's exciting times and we think it's worthy of a great name! We also think that one of our fans would be great at coming up with a fantastic title!

    The kind of thing we are looking for would be something to do with time or the past. We are setting our new video in medieval times, but the picture on the album will be more the Victorian era. The music is rock orientated but with a melodic feel. Hit the you tube button here if you'd like to hear our tunes or follow the link.

    The winner will receive a special mention on the album, a signed copy of the very first album, a Bravado T shirt and other goodies! Competition closes 30th August. Good luck!

  2. Hi Folks,

                 It's been nine months since our first video starring Diane Gaidry was made. We have had the idea for a great new video for a while and this is where you come in! We are planning for the setting to be in medieval times and filmed in a castle. We already have a award winning film maker Glenn Miller on board and hope to get all the props/costumes/actors we need. However, in order to do this, we need to raise about £1000. Can you help? If so, you will have your name on the new album and video, and we will keep you updated with info and pictures from the making of the video. Click on the link below to donate. ANYTHING at all is appreciated as it all adds up. Thank you so much.