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  1. Well we have now recovered from the mayhem at the broughty ferry Fort Fest on Sunday! It was a brilliant weekend with lots of great music and atmosphere. We did and great gig and went down well despite some sound issues! The only mishap was B.Y getting cramp in his knee at the end and having to stand up and hop around whilst he played 'Contagious!' So...onward to THIS weekend and the Forfar Fest. Hopefully we will sell some CD's and get yet more money toward the recording of the E.P on the 8th. Can't wait! 

  2. Hi and welcome to our new website! We have worked hard on it so we hope you enjoy your visit to the page and like our music! Keep looking as we will be updating regularly with gigs, photos and song releases, as well as any news about the band. We look forward to playing a venue near you soon!