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  1. Hey everyone,

                           Just wanted to fill you in on all the latest news! We had been planning the album launch for the last couple of months and were pleased with all the interest people were showing. We had newspaper coverage and a mention on the local radio. We raised funds for cash for kids during our launch and generally had a great time. The only thing that went wrong was when the electrics turned off and we were stopped mid song! However, Pamela saved the day with her jokes and snippets of songs from the musicals lol until it went back on. We had a great turnout and quite a few bought albums and t shirts. As any band knows, it's been a lot of money recording, producing and promoting so it was nice to get some cash back. 

    We really are blessed to work with each other as we make a great team. Things were really hard in the beginning, trying to make a name for ourselves, get gigs etc but more and more people are warming to us now! We hope you enjoy the CD as we've put so much into it. Next on the cards is another video, but more details on that to follow. If you'd like to buy the album, just follow the link here.

    Thanks so much for supporting us this year. We couldn't do all this without you.

    Paula, Pamela and B.Y xx