Pamela Stewart- Lead Vocalist

Pamela discovered her passion for singing from a young age and probably started singing long before she could talk. She first started performing with the school choir and various other school productions.

At the age of 23 she sang in a four piece vocal group, mainly doing charity events around Dundee and Angus. Back then, she focused on singing ballads as she felt this is what suited her voice. Pamela always lacked confidence when singing and suffered badly from stage fright, because of this she never really showed her full potential and the audience never really saw how talented she was, she decided that all the stress she had before performing was too much and gave up singing for a long time.

Pamela and Paula became friends, and when Paula heard her singing, she would ask her to sing every now and then with her other bands.

One evening Pamela decided to try an ACDC song “ Highway to Hell” She had never sang anything like this before and decided to give it a go. After she sang Paula was impressed and asked Pamela if she had ever thought about singing in a Rock band, she told Paula how she didn’t feel confident enough and how much she suffered from stage fright. Pamela had been getting Life Coaching and her coach was very supportive and encouraged her to get back to singing as deep down in her heart this is what she loved to do.  After she finished her sessions with her Life Coach she decided that she wanted to help people the way her Life coach helped her, so she decided to do a Diploma in Life Coaching, a lot of the training was based around NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming ) You can visit her coaching website at  Pamela said yes to joining the band and discovered she could indeed sing Rock, she used lots of the NLP techniques she learned on the course, finding that her stage fright had almost vanished and by using the techniques before she performed helped.

 Pamela’s taste in music is very eclectic, but has discovered a passion for Rock especially singing Rock. 




Paula Knight- Lead Guitar and Vocals

Paula Knight is a trained singer and lead guitarist with over twenty years experience playing in bands. She had her first professional gig at the age of eighteen in an all-girl group and has since gone on to play in various other cover/original bands.

Guitar has always been a big passion for Paula and was first picked up at the age of eleven.  Being self-taught, she worked hard to learn solos from her Rock heroes:  Alex Lifeson, Bryan May, Jimi Page, and Steve Lukather.

Paula is a very highly respected musician in and around Dundee and never fails to amaze people with her guitar skills, mesmerising her audience with her guitar solos and showing some of the best male lead guitarists out there that a woman can be just as talented when it comes to guitar.

Paula also discovered a flair for song writing in her late teens and went on to produce the album ‘Wonder’ in 2008. She has since written and produced singles.

Forming a Rock band like Bravado has always been a dream of Paula’s and finally finding the right people for her project has proved to be successful.

Paula Knight is presently the lead guitarist, backing singer and songwriter for Bravado.




B.Y- Drums

Think 'Animal' from the muppet show and that will give you a taste of the passion Mr B.Y (Big Yin) brings to the kit! He comes with a shed load of experience and a love of good music.

B.Y original began as a guitarist in a punk band called Exalt in the 80's. They enjoyed much success touring the U.K and supporting known bands. He began to play drums in the 90's, and never making things easy for himself, he had his debut on the kit with a Rush tribute band! He has played through the years in many different cover and original set ups, and brings a lively, kicking approach to all Bravado tracks.